What is a Playgroup?

Why is it better than an individual walk?

Playgroups are an opportunity for your dog to run, play and make friends with other neighborhood dogs in the Hoboken dog parks. We provide a structured environment to learn proper socialization and dog park etiquette. Our pack goes home tired and happy.

In addition to all the fun we have at the park, we also focus on training our pack to pass the Canine Good Citizenship Test. Structure and discipline ensure everyone has fun and stays safe.

What does a Playgroup include?

  • structured walk to and from the park

  • at least two hours of exercise, training and playtime at the park

  • personal email including photos and an update on the day

To Get Started

  • fill out our Join the Pack form

  • We will schedule a time to meet you and your dog and to pick up two sets of keys

  • Your dog will need a six foot, non-retractable leash and a well fitting harness

Evening Walks are an opportunity for your pup to be fed dinner and go on a 30 minute walk. Park time is not guaranteed with Evening Walks.

Playgroups can be scheduled through our app or website until 8am the day of the playgroup. Evening Walks can be scheduled until 2pm.

Playgroups must be canceled by 8pm the evening prior. Evening Walks must be canceled by 2pm. Cancelations after the close of the scheduling window will still be charged.

You can see our team in action on Facebook and Instagram. You can also come say hi at Elsyian Park or Church Square Park.

*see FAQs for additional information