Overnight Care

Members of our pack are welcome to stay with us at our home in Hoboken. We have limited space so it's best to book early!

Email overnight@donovansdogs.com to inquire about availability.

*Cancellation of Overnight Care requires a minimum notice of one week. We are unable to refund cancellations made with less than one week's notice.

Overnight Rates

1 night : $150

2 nights: $110 per night

3-6 nights: $100 per night

7-13 nights: $90 per night

14+ nights: $85 per night

*All stays are subject to NJ Sales Tax

**Additional discounts for 30 or more nights

Are there any extra fees or charges for Overnight Care?

No, there are no extra fees. Playgroups, cuddling, feeding, administering medicine, etc. are all included in the overnight price.

Do you offer a pick up and drop off service?

Yes, for dogs that live in Hoboken. We pick up around 11am on the way to playgroup. Drop offs are around 3pm after playgroup.

What does my dog need for his or her overnight stay?

Please pack an appropriate amount of food and medication for your dog's stay. We have plenty of dog beds and bowls. We also have extra crates if your dog requires one for sleeping.