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Laura L. to Donovan's Dogs May 13, 2017(Yelp Review)

My dogs have been part of the Donovan's Dogs pack since July 2016 both for playgroup and overnight stays. They love the DD team and being able to socialize and train as a pack.

Donovan's is easy to schedule, consistent and provides regular updates/photos after playgroup.

They just spent 2 weeks with the Donovan's team and I was able to relax and enjoy my trip knowing they were so well taken care of AND having fun!

Bianca Andrea to Donovan's Dogs April 21, 2016(Facebook Review)

We were so lucky to have Donovan's Dogs the last 2 years while living in Hoboken. It is an awesome and one of a kind service. Donovan and all of his walkers are wonderful and trust worthy and took care of our pup as though he was their own dog. We recently moved out of the area and miss Donovan and the pack so much. Highly recommend to anyone looking for a great dog walking service (although so much more and better than just a walking service) in Hoboken. We all miss you guys and Wes really misses his pack!

Soph824  to Donovan's Dogs April 14, 2016 (Instagram Review)

I don't use a dog walker but I always see you guys at Elysian park when I bring my dog and I have to say I am so impressed by how much you interact/play with your dogs and, moreover, that you keep a very watchful eye on them all to make sure they are respectful of other dogs in the park. Your walkers know the dogs and are in control- it's refreshing!

Meghan Evelyn 
to Donovan's Dogs April 10, 2016

I personally have never used them, however I have seen that at the park a few times working and they all seem fantastic! 

Christine Nixon‎ to Donovan's Dogs November 14, 2015 (Facebook Review) ·

We are so happy that we found you guys when we first got Molly. From the first night that John came over to meet with us, you were (beyond) accommodating and professional. We truly appreciate all the times that you were able to pick up Molly in a pinch, or keep her out for a double if we had a long day out of the apartment. Now that we are in the burbs, I doubt we will be able to find a group that could ever compare to your amazing service! We will miss you but don't worry.. We still plan on dropping by the park so Molly can see all her friends (especially Andro). Thanks for everything Donovan's Dogs! You guys are the BEST!!

‎Sarah Huisentruit Orye‎ to Donovan's Dogs July 4, 2013 (Facebook Review) 

Dear John,

It has been a month since we moved out of Hoboken and I can tell you that it is impossible to replace you! You do such a great job and are so wonderful to the boys. We never felt guilty going on vacation because we knew that Eros and Dante were enjoying being spoiled by you and Michelle. I know the boys miss you and their little furry friends but the upside is they have a backyard and are adjusting quickly to suburban life.

You are the BEST at what you do, we recommend you to everyone we know with dogs. We wish you continued success and would love to have you, Michelle and Sophie for a visit in DC sometime soon. We also hope to make it up to Hoboken with the boys in the near future. Please keep in touch!

All the best,
Sarah, Josh, Eros and Dante Orye

Julie Brown‎ to Donovan's Dogs November 7, 2010 (Facebook Review) 

Thanks soo much for taking such great care of Ziggy this weekend! She is EXHAUSTED!!! You're the best!