About Us
Donovan's Dogs offers dog walking and pet sitting services in Hoboken NJ. We are fully licensed, bonded, and insured. 

Our Mission 
To provide a save and fun environment for our dogs to play, socialize, and learn. 
About John 
I have alway had a dog for as long as I can remember. Growing up my family had a Lab named Boomer and a Cocker Spaniel named Abraham. When I was in grade school I got my own dog named Lady and she was a _____ mix and my sister got a , Sparky.  Lady and I spent may afternoons in the hot Florida sun adventuring in the back yard. In college I got my pit mix Sophie which you probable know as the old grumpy lady of the park.  2 years ago we brought Jackson, a King Charles mix into the mix.

Moving to NYC/Hoboken

I always knew I wanted to work with dogs. In 2010 most dog walkers in Hoboken just took the dogs out for a quick potty break. I wanted to have more time and fun so we started offering playgroups. This was perfect for me because I got to hang with the dogs, practice tricks and enjoy the outdoors!

Starting the business and it's growth

How did we got from a one man operation to a team?